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Monty Crawford

I can truly say Monty Crawford is a man of integrity and compassion. My husband and I met and hired Monty more than two years ago to assist us in the selling of our land. We had engaged several realtors prior to meeting Monty, but none of them took the time and energy to truly understand our real estate needs. We needed a realtor who would listen, problem solve, communicate, and, most of all, commit to working with us. It was also important to my husband that Monty share his love and passion for land whether it be selling, grazing, or farming it.  Monty possessed these attributes.
My husband, John A. Smith, took the lead initially working with Monty, keeping me informed each step of the way. Unfortunately, John died about 10 months into the process of selling our land. Monty grieved his death deeply. I realized that John wasn’t just a client. Monty realized that John was a man who had a dream for his life and that of his family. And Monty was going ensure that John’s dream did not end with his death—he became my partner in selling our land. I knew my needs came first; he placed no pressure on me to continue the process until I was ready. Not only did he show a tremendous amount of compassion, he also demonstrated flexibility. John and I had very different personalities and decision-making approaches. I witnessed Monty’s ability to adapt his work style to meet me where I was.

Monty also possessed strong creative problem-solving skills and determination. These were cornerstones of his ability to be successful in selling my land. When it became apparent that we needed to change directions, which included subdividing the land, Monty did his market research to determine potential options. He continually went the extra mile. He explained the pros and cons, communicating in such a way that I could make informed decisions. If I had questions for which he couldn’t answer, he was honest and told me he needed to get back to me once he had more information—and he always did. Without his dogged determination and creative approach, we would not have been able to sell the land in such a way that made it advantageous to me.

Monty was presented with complexities beyond just selling the land. The land had been inherited as part of a family estate. Many legal issues had to be addressed. At times, I felt that I was in over my head when it came to these issues. Because I knew that Monty had my back, I confronted and handled each of them head on. I would guess that most realtors would have washed their hands of my engagement and walked away, but Monty hung in with me throughout every step. For that, I will forever be grateful. I believe the best testament to a realtor would be repeat business. When I am ready to sell additional land, I have already made the most important decision, which is selecting the right realtor. Without hesitation, I will choose Monty Crawford because I have witnessed first-hand the best of the best. Regards,

Shirlyn Smith
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