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Create Curb Appeal for your House

One of the best ways to get a home buyer interested in the inside of your home is to create an irresistible outside. Your house is its own best marketing tool when you dress it up to look its best, because first impressions matter. How the home buyer feels when they stand on the front porch for the first time will affect the offer and final price of the home sale.

You need not do a radical makeover when creating curb appeal before putting your house on the market. For a small investment of time and money, you can add to the value of your home and shorten the time it is on the market.

Tip #1 Update the Entry Way

Start by cleaning up smudges and cobwebs, sweeping the porch and washing the glass on windows and light fixtures. Add a new welcome

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Swimming holes in Texas Hill country

There are many beautiful places to cool off and enjoy a great day in the water with family and friends in the Austin area. Spring fed swimming holes can be found from right in the city of Austin to the outlying rural areas. This part of Texas Hill Country offers majestic scenery, plenty of shade and a variety of cool and natural swimming holes.

Barton Springs Pool is located in Zilker Park at 2201 Barton Springs Road in Austin. from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily during the months from May to September. It is closed on Thursdays for maintenance. Admission cost varies depending on age and residency visitors.

Often referred to as the soul of Austin, Barton Springs was believed to have spiritual healing powers by the Native Americans. This 3-acre pool was

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Eliminate Fleas and Ticks

One of the only drawbacks to the amazing weather here in the beautiful Texas Hill Country is that there is not a “flea and tick season” for pet owners to deal with, it is a year-round battle! Not only do these parasites cause itchy allergic reactions, they spread disease and can act as vectors for internal parasites. Flea and tick control is a part of owning a pet here in Texas, but in just a few minutes each day you can save time, money and keep your pets and household healthy. By using the tips below you can eliminate fleas and ticks from your home in Marble Falls, Burnet, Lakeway and surrounding areas!

Chemical Flea and Tick Products

Texas fleas have often been called “super-fleas”. Many pet owners report that the over-the-counter flea

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Cool Backyards in Austin

Outdoor barbeques are a big part of Texas culture. Whether you are new to the Austin and Lakeway real estate area or just looking for a home to grow in, Crawford Realty Group can help you find the perfect back yard for a BBQ.  Enjoying good food, a cold beverage and the company of friends and neighbors becomes a way of life in the summertime. Beating the Texas heat can be a real challenge when hosting a backyard dinner, but here are a few tips to keep your family, guests and even your dog a little more comfortable.

Shady Business

Creating as much shade as possible is the first line of defense against the Texas heat. Even if you have a covered patio, additional shady places help cool the area and provide more inviting gathering spaces. There are

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Tips for moving with children Whether moving across town or across the country, leaving one community for another is difficult at best for adults and can sometimes be almost devastating to children. Moving with children can make relocation extra stressful, but it can also add value to the adventure factor involved with moving as you help them conquer the obstacles of change.
Preparing children for a move automatically makes the task more thoughtful for the adults. In the course of preparing for the large change that is involved with moving to a new home and putting a positive spin on the situation, parents may find that the move goes more smoothly and feels exciting instead of stressful.
By doing some research about the new neighborhood you're moving to, planning for…
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Backyard Paradise Gardening is a favorite pastime among many of the people living in the Texas Hill Country. From Dripping Springs to Marble Falls many Texans find gardening is a great way to keep fit, improve their home and provide extra living space for most of the year. There are many ways you can optimize your backyard into the perfect place for personal relaxation or for entertaining friends and family. The average backyard as grass and maybe some shrubbery or a tree, and this is a great start for creating a beautiful garden.
With some creativity you can create areas of shade, color and comfort with some simple additions of furniture, archways and plants. Whether you wish to create a large garden or just a small garden area, this article will offer you some…
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