Nine Ways to Create a Beautiful Backyard Garden

Posted by Monty Crawford on Monday, March 4th, 2019 at 7:37pm.

Backyard Paradise
Gardening is a favorite pastime among many of the people living in the Texas Hill Country. From Dripping Springs to Marble Falls many Texans find gardening is a great way to keep fit, improve their home and provide extra living space for most of the year. There are many ways you can optimize your backyard into the perfect place for personal relaxation or for entertaining friends and family. The average backyard as grass and maybe some shrubbery or a tree, and this is a great start for creating a beautiful garden.

With some creativity you can create areas of shade, color and comfort with some simple additions of furniture, archways and plants. Whether you wish to create a large garden or just a small garden area, this article will offer you some ideas for inspiration so that you can get started on turning your backyard into a comfortable and I pleasing living space.
  • Paths and walkways add charm and functionality to any Garden. Pathways can be used as a trail to a seating area or a walkway throughout the garden. You can create these by simply placing stones, bricks or pavers in the path intended for people to walk through the area. It is best if using stepping stones, bricks or pavers to sink them into the ground so that they are level with the lawn to make mowing and maintaining the pathway easier.
  • Pergolas, archways and trellises can create shade, entrances and seating places in your garden. Using a pergola or trellis in the garden is a beautiful way to mark the entrance. Planting some vining plants and wrapping and weaving them around the structure makes a romantic and shady archway. This is also a good place to add some stepping stones, bricks or pavers, creating a doorway into your garden.
  • Raised garden boxes are a good way to protect your plants from being stepped on or damaged from heavy rain. They can also be used to categorize various plants such as an herb garden, a flower box, or a small vegetable garden. You can paint the raised boxes and add a panel or two of lattice or picket fencing painted in a matching or complementary color to add some pizzazz to your garden space.
  • Terrace gardening is a good way to optimize garden space and allow for more than one type of garden. By creating different levels and making retaining walls out of interesting brick patterns or various stones, you can have varied types of plants on each terrace. You may wish to grow vegetables on one level and flowers on another.
  • Ponds and fountains are one of the best ways to create a sense of life and tranquility in a garden space. Using water in almost any size garden is possible, and makes a nice focal point in seating areas that you may create. Adding some fish to a pond adds soothing interaction when watching or feeding them. Fountains can be found pre-made or created using a variety of items from stones to pottery or buckets with tubing and a pump.

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  • Container gardening is good for creating a garden setting in limited space, using containers either traditional or unexpected can provide the same beauty and relaxation either on an apartment patio or just a corner of a larger yard. Bird baths, old tea kettles, hanging baskets, discarded mailboxes and even bathroom fixtures can be used for planters when creating a container garden.
  • Designed gardens use flowers and plants that have interesting patterns and colors on their leaves to create a flower bed that is patterned and filled with complimentary colors. This creates a lush and eye-popping feature to your garden space. It can be done with either an English Garden feel or if you are in an arid climate, succulents come in an amazing variety of shapes colors and sizes.
  • Garden furniture incorporated into your garden adds extended living space for your home, It also offers comfortable seating for you and your guests to enjoy the surrounding beauty you have created. Umbrella tables are a nice way to create a shady spot for dining al fresco, colorful hammocks can provide a comfortable and relaxing place to read or watch the clouds or stars, adding benches or Adirondack chairs painted in shades to compliment the garden flowers provides comfort and added appeal.
  • Garden accessories like statues, wind chimes, gazing balls and other colorful items can help create the atmosphere you desire. Garden gnomes, fairies and other storybook type creatures can provide magic and whimsy. For a more romantic setting, cherub statues, stones with poetic quotes and butterflies maybe more to your liking. There are many available statues and special touches to help you customize your garden.

The climate in the Texas Hill Country allows for many different types of plants and flowers, adding a native tree or two will provide some natural shade to help beat the Texas heat whether you live in Bee Cave, Lakeway or any of the other beautiful communities in area. You can start small and gradually build your backyard garden, or go whole hog with an entire backyard renovation, creating a garden space add value to your home and to your life!

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