How to Sell Your Acreage Property

Posted by Monty Crawford on Thursday, October 11th, 2018 at 1:06pm.

Selling Acreage Properties

Getting the Property Ready to Show

Preparing your acreage property to sell will reduce time on the market and bring the best price. By doing some work in advance you can reduce the potential of getting low offers and increase the chance of getting your asking price.  First impressions matter and making your property attractive and accessible will get you to your real estate goals.

The first step in making an acreage property appealing to buyers is a good basic clean up. Haul away any old lumber, fencing materials, non-working appliances and vehicles. Get rid of old brush piles and general trash, anything that might be an eyesore to the person viewing the land for the first time and thinking about buying it.

If during the big clean up, you discover usable items like good lumber, piping, fence materials, tools, etc. Neatly stack and organize these things in a less obvious location such as in or behind a barn or outbuilding. Once your usable supplies are neatly organized and staged, park all RVs, farm trucks, trailers and equipment in a common location lined up to give a uniform appearance. 

Make sure all access routes are clear of limbs, brush and other obstacles so that touring the property is easy and enjoyable. If the land is so overgrown that access is not possible, it is a good idea to do some general clearing and brush removal. This should be done at least to the extent of creating pathways.

There is nothing more beautiful than fresh green grass in a recently shredded pasture.  This is an eye-catching attribute that will impress the potential buyer of your acreage. Tidy up the fence line around the pastures by doing general repairs and clean up.

If your property has surface water, this will be a big selling point for most potential buyers. Taking the time to manicure the banks with some trimming, mowing and clean-up may just be a deciding factor in getting the best price.

If you have acreage property to sell, contact the experts at Crawford Realty Group to learn more or set up an appointment. Looking for a new home, if you'd like to see other properties for sale in the area emailed to you, sign up for our free home finder service and specify which types of homes you'd like to receive updates about.

Have Documentation in Order

Having as much information as possible available for the buyer creates confidence and makes the transaction go smoothly. Getting your land documents in order will move the sale of your property more quickly. Common documents needed are:
• The deed
• A survey map
• Soil report
• Documents regarding right of way and utility easements, sale or lease of minerals, releases, mortgages and liens.
• Tax information
• Property appraisal
Having this information ready prevents delays and unforeseen obstacles during the selling process.

How to Market Your Acreage Property

Selling acreage property requires different marketing techniques than selling home real estate. It is best to work with a professional who knows how to sell vacant land and acreage property. Your acreage real estate specialist will create an individual marketing plan that will bring motivated buyers to you.  The land market moves more slowly, so getting the right price requires diligence on the part of the agent and patience on the part of the seller.

One of the most important things you can do once you have the property ready for sale is to get good pictures that will motivate buyers to come view and buy your property. Using an experienced real estate photographer is a great way to get the best pictures possible. 

If you need referrals to a professional photographer, contact the experts at Crawford Realty Group

You will want to get pictures of the entrance to the property, buildings, utilities, water, views and any outstanding features that the land has.
These pictures should be used to create good advertising for your property using social media, MLS listings, and websites that focus on acreage real estate for sale. Other advertising that will use the photographs are brochures and other printed media.

Custom signage that lists special features about the property is another valuable tool for bringing buyers to your property.

Once you have prepared your acreage to show, gotten all necessary documentation together and found a motivated and experienced professional to market it, you can relax knowing you have pro-actively set yourself up for reaching your real estate goals when the property sells.

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