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Posted by Monty Crawford on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 at 5:28pm.

Tour Spicewood VineyardsThere are there are many unique and beautiful wineries throughout the Texas Hill Country. Spicewood Vineyards is a premier local winery and a popular location for those going for a Texas Vineyard tour. Visiting wineries is a fun and relaxing way to spend time with loved ones. Spicewood Vineyards is a prime location for taking in the views of the rolling hills and sampling some of the delicious libations that are a product of this beautiful land.

Spicewood Vineyards was originally owned by Ed and Madeline Manigold. Their dedicated tradition of making high quality wine with Texas grown grapes has been carried forward by Ron Yates who purchased the winery in 2007. The winery has three levels and is approximately 5000 square feet. On the upper level is a luxurious special events room with a spacious wine tasting area. This level is an ideal location for a Texas Hill Country wedding and reception, as well as other special events. Just outside the second level there is a covered pavilion and water fountain that provides a shaded and relaxing area where you can picnic and enjoy the views. The lowest level is where you will find the state-of-the-art wine production facility and barrel room.

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Tips for Wine Tasting

To get the most out of your wine tasting at Spicewood Vineyards experience, you may wish to know a few of the basic steps involved with wine tasting.
• Hold your glass by the stem so that the temperature of the wine is not affected by your body heat.
• Note the color and clarity of the wine, by holding it up to light.  Notice if it is dark and heavy in appearance or lighter and easy to see through.
• The flavor of wine is enhanced by sniffing its bouquet. Gently swirl the wine in your glass and breathe in the notes of the wine.
• Take a sip of the wine and swirl it around in your mouth for a moment to allow the various flavors to be experienced by the different taste sensors of your tongue. after you have enjoyed the wine enjoy the wine for a moment before swallowing.

A basic awareness of the structure of wine can also enhance the tasting experience. The attributes of wine are:
Body-- wine with higher alcohol content is heavier than wine with less alcohol.
Fruit-- wine flavors are on the spectrum between fruity and savory. Some wines are earthier and may have a root or dirt quality to their flavor.
Acid-- wine with a medium to high acid level is considered juicy and will make your mouth water. A wine that is high in acid will make you pucker.
Tannins--come from the seeds stems and skin of grapes and is found primarily in red wines. Tannins are a factor in the texture of the wine. A wine high in tannin may make you feel as though your mouth has lost its moisture. a lesser amount of tannin can make your mouth feel slippery.

Take a Tour of Spicewood Vineyards

Touring Spicewood Vineyards is a delicious treat and a feast for the eyes as well. To take a tour or book a special event or wedding, contact them at 830-693 5328. Their tasting hours are Wednesday through Saturday – 10am – 6pm, Sunday – 12pm – 5pm, Monday and Tuesday – Available by appointment only. They are located at 1419 Burnet CR409 Spicewood, Tx.

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