Selling Acreage Properties

The Crawford Group is experienced in marketing and selling acreage properties. Whether you are selling an acre or two, a large ranch, or a commercial property, we can help you get through the process with confidence that the transaction is being handled correctly and that you are getting the best price for your property. Up to the minute marketing strategies, professional creative thinking, contract negotiation skills, experience with handling acreage property and a love for rural Texas real estate all come together to make The Crawford Group the best choice for helping you sell your Hill Country Texas land.

Free Property Evaluations: The Crawford Group will help you price your property to sell by analyzing several factors. Your real estate goals, the market conditions in your area, the condition of the property and the latest real estate data will determine a competitive price that will get your property sold with maximum benefit to you.

In-Depth Marketing: The Crawford Group never cuts any corners when marketing a property for sale.  We use every marketing tool available to get your property in front of potential buyers. We utilize professional photography and video to showcase your home and land to its best advantage. We place your property for sale on a multitude of media outlets, using online social media, website listings and print ads to reach the buyer looking for your acreage property.

The Market: Our advanced search tools will give you an idea of what competing land and ranches are listed for in the Austin MLS in your community. 

Tips to get your Land or Ranch Ready to Sell: Common sense suggestions to help get your land or ranch ready to sell.

  •  Make sure access roads and paths are clear of brush and limbs.
  •  Clear away trash, junk and old brush piles
  •  Square up vehicles and large equipment and neatly store supplies like t-posts, pipes and lumber.
  •  Be sure the fences are in good shape

Our professionals at The Crawford Group can offer many more tips for helping you showcase your land to get it sold quickly and the best price.

Tips to get your Home Ready to Sell: Simple DIY tips to get your home ready to sell.

  •  Clean the interior of the home from ceiling fans to baseboards. 
  •  Do minor repairs such as caulking tubs, sinks and around windows
  •  Repair nail holes and scratches to finish on cupboard doors
  •  Pressure wash porches and driveways
  •  Clean gutters
  •  Mow lawns and trim up bushes and trees

We can help you prepare your home for sale with a minimal cost of time and effort that can make a maximum impact on the final sale price.

Connect with an experienced professional at The Crawford Group: We are here to help every step of the way when you are ready to take the next step toward selling your property.  We can take almost all the stress out of selling your home and land with our comprehensive marketing plan. We will get you the most qualified buyers in a short amount of time, assist you with the sale negotiations, handle the pile of paperwork and get the deal closed with as little effort on your part as possible!

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