Client Testimonials


When it came time to sell my home and property near Marble Falls I needed a realtor who knew the specific needs of a farm and ranch buyer to be able to provide them with the necessary specific details. I found Monty Crawford through a referral from another property seller. During our very first meeting I could tell Monty was the guy for the job. He went beyond my expectations of a realtor in the care he took in presenting my property to prospective buyers.

He spent many hours walking every area of my property with me. He knew every nook and cranny of the acreage and its amenities before ever bringing a potential buyer to see it. Because he knew the land and the home, Monty created the best listing possible. Monty and his team used professional staging and photography to create the listing and secured the perfect buyer within two weeks. I would look no further than Monty Crawford if I needed a professional realtor to list any future property endeavors.

Gary Delz

We recently relocated from Denver, Colorado to Leander, Texas.
It is a fact, that without Monty Crawford's diligent help, this adventure would have been a nightmare for two old folks. We contacted the "Greater Austin Real-estate" website and Monty contacted us promptly. In January we met him in person and from then on we developed a trust. When he set a time to meet somewhere, he was there and ON TIME!!! Our experience with him, in our opinion went beyond just a business relationship.

What impressed us most was his knowledge and diligent search for what we were looking for. We had some difficult requests, as we also had to house a large motorhome on the property we hoped to buy. Monty never got discouraged and took us around to show us a variety for properties, but to no avail, nothing "spoke" to us. We returned to Colorado...

While we were concluding our business in Denver, Monty found the place in the country which we now live in. Sight unseen we made a commitment, as we trusted the opinions of Monty, and our son and daughter-in-law. Monty oversaw all the necessary things to close on the house, and made the process much less intimidating for two seniors.

He never once misled us with facts about the property etc. and went above and beyond for us with his professional help and care. His recommendations for professionals required for inspections and work such as roofing etc. were exemplary and most appreciated being new to this area.

So, in conclusion, I would highly recommend Monty Crawford, if you are looking for a new home in the greater Austin area, or perhaps beyond. He is the most professional, detail oriented, friendliest realtor we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

Ursula and Delbert Pool

"My wife and I worked with Monty when purchasing our first home 2 years ago. I couldn't be happier with the decision. He was extremely easy to work with, professional, and always had our best interest in mind. When it came time to close the deal he went to bat for us and negotiated a great price.
He even went as far as referring someone to do our initial inspection. As a first -time home buyer it would have been easy for a realtor to take advantage of our naivety about the process, but I never had this worry with Monty. We got everything we were promised and couldn't be happier with our home purchase. I refer all of my friends to Monty and will definitely be calling him next time I'm in the market for a new home."

Kreg Boyd

Selling my home of 18 years was a big step for me, emotionally and physically. The initial visit with Monty was comfortable as I expressed my concerns, Monty was sensitive to them and he listened to me. I felt he put my best interest first. He was never pushy during the process, as a matter-of-fact, he was very patient with me and always happy to answer my questions. My home was listed prior with other agents, and the difference in professionalism and care was night and day.
Monty keeps current with the market trends, and he understands the importance of presentation, networking, timing and communication. Because of his knowledge of the real estate business he was able to explain everything to me each step of the way in an easy to understand manner.
Monty has integrity, he does what he says he will do, he understands selling your property is personal and not only about the commission. He is an honest realtor whose business is built on reputation, and I am grateful for the job he did for me. I highly recommend Monty Crawford.

Kelli Hanks

Monty Crawford was our realtor for our house we sold in May 2015.  We really liked having him as our realtor because he was down to earth and honest with us throughout the process.  He explained the paperwork in terms that was easy for my husband and myself to comprehend.  The best part of our experience was at closing.  The appraisal office had messed up the paperwork (in our favor) but Monty was honest with us and suggested we stick to the contract we had agreed to.  We were able to close and simply settle the paperwork mistake with the other party and make it right.  As we signed all the documents he explained what we were signing.  We have recommended Monty several times and will use him in the future when we get ready to purchase again.

Monica Stephen

I can truly say Monty Crawford is a man of integrity and compassion. My husband and I met and hired Monty more than two years ago to assist us in the selling of our land. We had engaged several realtors prior to meeting Monty, but none of them took the time and energy to truly understand our real estate needs. We needed a realtor who would listen, problem solve, communicate, and, most of all, commit to working with us. It was also important to my husband that Monty share his love and passion for land whether it be selling, grazing, or farming it.  Monty possessed these attributes.
My husband, John A. Smith, took the lead initially working with Monty, keeping me informed each step of the way. Unfortunately, John died about 10 months into the process of selling our land. Monty grieved his death deeply. I realized that John wasn’t just a client. Monty realized that John was a man who had a dream for his life and that of his family. And Monty was going ensure that John’s dream did not end with his death—he became my partner in selling our land. I knew my needs came first; he placed no pressure on me to continue the process until I was ready. Not only did he show a tremendous amount of compassion, he also demonstrated flexibility. John and I had very different personalities and decision-making approaches. I witnessed Monty’s ability to adapt his work style to meet me where I was.

Monty also possessed strong creative problem-solving skills and determination. These were cornerstones of his ability to be successful in selling my land. When it became apparent that we needed to change directions, which included subdividing the land, Monty did his market research to determine potential options. He continually went the extra mile. He explained the pros and cons, communicating in such a way that I could make informed decisions. If I had questions for which he couldn’t answer, he was honest and told me he needed to get back to me once he had more information—and he always did. Without his dogged determination and creative approach, we would not have been able to sell the land in such a way that made it advantageous to me.

Monty was presented with complexities beyond just selling the land. The land had been inherited as part of a family estate. Many legal issues had to be addressed. At times, I felt that I was in over my head when it came to these issues. Because I knew that Monty had my back, I confronted and handled each of them head on. I would guess that most realtors would have washed their hands of my engagement and walked away, but Monty hung in with me throughout every step. For that, I will forever be grateful. I believe the best testament to a realtor would be repeat business. When I am ready to sell additional land, I have already made the most important decision, which is selecting the right realtor. Without hesitation, I will choose Monty Crawford because I have witnessed first-hand the best of the best. Regards,

Shirlyn Smith

My husband and I were in a predicament when it came to sell our dream home. We loved that home, it was exactly what we wanted. I drew the plans and we built it ourselves. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into every detail. We created a versatile home to finish raising our family in and be able to carry us into retirement and our final days there. For the home to meet this need, it was completely ADA compliant and easily accessible. The kitchen had enough room for several people to be in there working at the same time without getting in each other’s way. The whole place was made with lots of room inside and out for entertaining the massive extended family we have. (We had 76 people there for our first Christmas in that home.)
The windows on the front of the house had amazing views, and the huge front porch with the fireplace made it a comfortable place to enjoy time outside year-round. I made the bathroom sinks myself. Some of the rock around the fireplace in the living room was handpicked from the property the house sat on.
Unfortunately, we had some unforeseen issues arise that caused us to make the hard decision to sell our beloved dream home. We struggled with who to list it with, even though we know many people in real estate, none seemed to understand us. Oh, don't get me wrong, they are wonderful people, and they would sell our house, but sold our home. You listened to us. You didn't just work the numbers and look at it as another property being sold. You are the expert, and you definitely know your stuff. But you also know that the lives of the people matter. They are not just "the sellers".
You were referred to me by my Pastor, so I called and to set up an initial meeting with you. To say my husband was not happy about that is an understatement! He moaned and complained all the way up to getting within earshot of you. Within 15 minutes of talking to you at our dining room table he was sold! Because of the kind of person you are, you made us comfortable right away. Our own friends and family that are in the business hadn't been able to make us feel that comfortable with our decisions. You really worked with us and for us and you guided us through the process. You readily worked with our specific needs, like the fact that my husband sleeps during the day because he works nights, therefore you couldn't just show it anytime you wanted. I think you showed it just two or three times before we got an offer for full asking price!
Here is where I must mention, that while it is rare, we got that offer sight unseen by the new owners. I think that is in large part to your work and the photographer that you use. He captured the real house and the beauty of its surroundings. The photos were taken in such a way that when people would see the house, they would be able to walk away and say that it looked like the photos. He was such a wonderful and neat guy to meet as well!
We didn't want to sell this home, and you made it not just bearable but good. You don't just put it on the market and then wait for a bite, you worked and made sure that it sold. You are a good Christian man and you do not stray from your morals and ethics, a person would be hard pressed to find a disagreement with the way you conduct business.
This is all a very lengthy way of saying...Thank you. Thank you for making what we thought would be a long drawn out, tortuous, emotional process easy and enjoyable. I thank God that He put you in our path and for your gifts that you put to great use for us. You sir, are amazing! And when or if we ever
need a realtor again for any reason, I don't care if you move far away, or you retire, I will hound you until you agree to be our realtor again because once you've had the best you can't settle for mediocre.

Christa Simmons

I wanted to take time to say that it is truly impossible to express how very thankful we are for everything that you did and continue to do for us. Throughout our home buying process, you have become a friend to our family. We still can’t believe how incredibly easy and smooth you made this experience. As first- time home buyers I had expected to run into many snags, but we were so blessed that this process was a complete dream for us. You knew what our family wanted and needed, and you gave your all for us the whole way through and made it happen.
Your knowledge for this business put us at ease and you made this experience enjoyable for us. We had a lot of fun looking at homes with you and gaining your advice and input for any questions or concerns that we had. Your follow through was unstoppable and you made sure that our needs were addressed promptly and fairly. You handled almost every detail for us, which we cannot thank you enough for because little did we know, we had so much to learn.
Your team was also very friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt with their services, everyone had a hand in pushing our deal through in record time, it was just a whirlwind of professionalism. We actually set records working with you, your team, and our mortgage company which is unheard of! We met you on a Friday, looked at four homes in one day, and were approved for our dream home by Sunday and then closed on our home in twenty-six days, incredible!!
I look at our new home every day and still can’t believe that our dream came true without a single hiccup because of your determination and perseverance to make us happy. You are amazing at what you do and you develop lifelong lasting relationships with your clients. You were recommended to us by a dear friend of ours and we would recommend your services every single time, time and time again.

H Baird

A family friend introduced us to Monty Crawford after we had experienced numerous failed attempts to sell our home in Granite Shoals. From our first meeting through the final closing of our home, Monty remained in constant contact with us and always had our best interest in mind. He is kind, courteous and professional. If you're looking to list with the best realtor, look no further.

Rob and Rachael Lemaster